gb01Riding a wave of nostalgia after last year’s 30th Anniversary, Ghostbusters are hotter than ever.  We even have a local branch here in West Virginia.  Now you can re-create the thrill of the movie with the Ghostbusters Slot Car Race Set.

It’s easy to know who you’ll call when the highway becomes an ectoplasm obstacle course. The Ghostbusters Haunted Highway Slot car set is packed with spirited fun! The set includes: 14 feet of HO Scale Track; Ecto-1 and NYPD police cruiser slot cars; 2 sections of ectoplasm track; a cardboard backdrop of Stay Puff; Breakthrough Ghost Gates; 2 variable speed controllers
and everything else that you’ll need to have a high-speed ghost-busting adventure.

gb02This is a traditional Thunderjet or AFX style set, and it’s loads of fun. The cars are Recommeded for kids old enough to play with electric toys and adults who remember these cool racing sets from their childhood.

You can order this set directly from AutoWorld, and if Ghostbusters aren’t your style, you can choose from a variety of other sets featuring Batman, Back The The Future, Knight Rider, Smokey and the Bandit, Richard Petty and an assortment of drag racers and funny cars. The Ghostbusters set is $120, but right now they’re offering an extra ten bucks off of orders over $100.