51hqal7NaLLGhosts and Girls of Fiction House!
edited by Michael Price
IDW Publishing/ Yoe Books
ISBN-13: 978-1631404047

Another archival triumph from Yoe Books, this latest entry in The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics series celebrates the comics of Fiction House. The publisher Fiction House was infamous for what anti-comics crusader Dr. Fredric Wertham called “headlight comics,” i.e. comics featuring the ample female bosom. The Pre-Code publisher used their buxom heroines to star in jungle comics, science fiction tales, and scary GHOST STORIES!

The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics series curates the sexiest and scariest of these poltergeist-infused Good Girl Art comics in a pulse-pounding tome, Ghosts and Girls! Your hair will stand on end and at the same time your toes will curl! Featuring faithfully reprinted original art from these 1940s and 1950s by brilliant masters Matt Baker, Maurice Whitman, and more, don’t miss this must-have, large format collection edited by comics historian and filmmaker Michael Price, with its lovingly restored comics. Available for order from any bookseller, or online from Amazon.