skeletons-frontHot on the heels of our most expensive gift idea is our cheapest suggestion. It’s so cheap that you have to buy ten of them just to make it worthwhile to mail out to you.

I’m talking about Sidekick Labs Glow In The Dark Skeleton Army. It’s a thick piece of paper with six glow in the dark Harryhausenesque skeletons, armed with swords and shields printed on it. It’s already die-cut and the skeletons are printed, front and back, on both sides with glow in the dark ink.

You just pop them out and fold the side tabs to make them stand, and voila…instant Skeleton Army!

Each sheet has six skeletons, and costs a buck. That’s one dollar for six four-inch-tall reanimated skeleton warriors. You have to buy ten sheets, but the postage is free anywhere in the US, and they make great stocking stuffers. Just follow this link and hit the “Buy Them Now” button.