Next up on The 2019 PopCult Gift Guide we have the perfect gift for any fan of great action-adventure animation, and fans of Jonny Quest.

Jonny Quest: The Complete Original Series has previously been available on DVD, but it was far from complete, missing several key elements missing, and inferior transfers. Now that’s been corrected on this made-on-demand Blu Ray from Warner Archives.

TV’s first animated action-adventure series is about to take you on a breathless ride. All 26 episodes charting the fantastic exploits of brave and brainy 11-year-old Jonathan Quest are yours in a 3-disc set. Unlike the outrageous fantasy plots of cartoons that preceded it, Jonny Quest drew on science and detective-style logic to solve mysteries and apprehend sophisticated villains.

Viewers were transported to exotic locales as Jonny’s dad, Dr. Benton Quest, tackled each new government assignment, aided by ex-agent “Race” Bannon, Indian boy Hadji, family bulldog Bandit… and, of course, his fearless son Jonny.

Unlike the DVD release, this new edition has the commercial bumpers, plus it also has the “Jonny Quest, brought to you by:” outro before the title card. The creator of the series, Doug Wildey is listed in the credits now. These are actual, HD transfers with full progressive-frame image quality. All the audio is returned to it’s original state, including lines that had previously been excised for political incorrectness.

Jonny Quest: The Complete Original Series on Blu Ray is a real gem of classic television animation, and it’s just loads of fun. A great gift for any animation fan, and also a good gift for a child who isn’t quite old enough to watch The Venture Brothers yet, but will eventually, and needs to be equipped to understand the jokes based on this show.

You can order this directly from Warner Archives, or for a few bucks less at Amazon.