81E4dY5w04L._SL1500_KANSAS has spent more than four decades as a part of the soundtrack of the lives of multiple generations of music lovers. The band’s first public statement appeared on their self-titled album in 1974. “From the beginning, we considered ourselves and our music different and we hope we will always remain so.” Little did this legendary rock group realize that back in the early ‘70’s, what seemed to be “different,” was actually ahead of its time.

This “garage band” from Topeka released their debut album in 1974 after being discovered by Wally Gold, who worked for Don Kirshner.

Now in their fifth decade, KANSAS has released a boxed set of their first five albums, terrific slabs of Great American Progressive Rock, in a box that retails for under thirty dollars. Included are the albums, KANSAS, SONG FOR AMERICA, MASQUE, LEFTOVERTURE, and POINT OF KNOW RETURN. All the CDs are remastered and include all the bonus cuts from previous re-releases.

KANSAS was never a critic’s darling band, but they do have millions of loyal fans and made some fantastic music. This material holds up quite well forty years after it was recorded. Fans of classic rock or prog will love this, and it’s a really good gift for young musicians or kids who need to have their eyes opened to how great music from the heartland can really be. Available anywhere music is sold, and very affordably priced for a five-disc set.