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Gift Guide: Double-Sided Star Trek Canvas Room Divider


51gmYCaUAfLOkay, let’s say your holiday giftee is a Trekkie (or Trekker, if they’re sensitive about that), and they have one huge room in their house that just doesn’t seem intimate. Your best solution for a practical, yet illogical, gift idea is Oriental Furniture’s 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Star Trek Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura Canvas Room Divider.

They can divide their space into more comfortable “sectors” and enjoy images of Sulu, Chekov and Uhura from Star Trek: The Original series.  This large piece of room furniture features high-quality enlarged digital print images with outstanding quality, printed on durable primed artist’s canvas panels with strong mitered wood frames. They have a two-way double-hinged panel design, so you can use them in a variety of ways.

What true fan of Star Trek wouldn’t love to see larger-than-life images of the crew of The Starship Enterprise every time they walk into their living room? This large hunk of Federation niftyness will set you back just under $60, shipping included, from Oriental Furniture. If you want to be more mainstream in your Star Trek gift-giving, you can also find room dividers with Captain Kirk, and with Spock and Scotty for the same price. Or you can go cheap and just buy them the Tribble wall art, a 31″ by 23″ canvas print, for fifteen bucks, including shipping.

Tribble wal art canvas print

Tribble wall art canvas print

These items are selling for four times this price at Amazon, so you might want to beam up these bargains while you can.

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  1. Nate S

    Great article. I got a good oriental divider here: Works great in my small apartment.

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