Next up in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide is a new catagory: WEBSITE.

Rather than single out one item at a reailer, and since we are still in a pandemic and I don’t feel right sending people to brick-and-mortar stores, I’m going to suggest an online store you can visit where you can shop for gift ideas among dozens of cool things. These are reliable websites that you can count on for timely delivery for gift items.

And first up for that, we’re going to let you shop local while you shop online, with cool apparel, accessories, home goods and other neat stuff at Kin Ship Goods.

You can order and pay online through their secure webstore, and have your order shipped directly to you, or schedule a time for curbside pickup at their (temporarily closed due to COVID) storefront on Charleston’s West Side.

You’ve probably heard of Kin Ship Goods, a brand of apparel, accessories, and home goods designed by Dan Davis & Hillary Harrison. They are based in Charleston, returning to their roots after having started their business in Louisville.

Once you find that perfect gift, be it a mug, a shirt, a hoodie, a hat or someting else cool, Kin Ship Goods offers reasonable shipping options, or you can pick up your order curbside, four days a week.

This is a cool way to support a local business during a very rough time for retailers, and also find an excellent gift for the folks you love.

Their webshop is filled with clothing and mugs and other cool things of their own design. In their words, “Our goods are inspired by starry nights, peeling paint, vintage keepsakes, imperfections, labors of love, and early mornings.” Recently they started making and selling stuff based on Stay F. Homekins: A Quarantine Podcast, which is hosted by comedian,Paul F. Tompkins and his wife, Charleson native Jane Haddad Tompkins.

Their products have been featured in major magazines, and have been seen in television shows and movies. Just a couple of weeks ago one of their shirts turned up on Saturday Night Live.

If you want to do curbside pickup, their brick and mortar shop is located at 613 Tennessee Avenue, in Charleston, just around the corner from Gonzoburger and Fountain Hobby. Check their website for hours and scheduling details.

You’ll find dozens of great gift ideas at Kin Ship Goods’ website.