Glow_Purr_Plush_w_BUB_2_cdaf4311-f6bd-4186-aeb3-f668ac945bfd_1024x1024The all new Lil BUB Glow & Purr started shipping on Friday, November 13th. This fun plush item was one of the things we were privvy to see, but not photograph, at Toy Fair last February. We saw the prototype, which actually purred, using recordings of the real internet sensation, Lil BUB. Since that time, they’ve added a glowing collar, so that Lil BUB can also act as a night-light for the young-uns.

The Lil BUB Glow & Purr Plush Toy makes real actual BUB sounds (squonks, purrs and all) when you pat or pet her head. Not only that, but when she purrs, she lights up with magic! The BUB sounds are real, they were recorded by BUB’s dude. You can see it in action HERE.

Cosmetically, it is almost identical to the original BUB plush except it is slightly larger to accommodate the electronics, and the eyes are a magical sparkling green.

Appropriate for cat lovers of all ages, this toy is only available at the moment from the Official Lil BUB website. Thirty two dollars brings you a plush replica of the internet star that makes real BUB-like sounds.

This toy was very carefully created by Cuddle Barn and is about as close as you can get to a real BUB.

A portion of the proceeds of the BUB PLUSH benefit Best Friend’s Animal Society – a national organization working to save the lives of pets in shelters with no place to call home.