51aw9thYDrLEverybody loves Gumby, the Universe’s favorite little clay buddy who goes on amazing adventures all over the world.  Everybody loves the little green clay boy.


But Gumby’s more complex than that.  Gumby is neither simple nor one dimensional.  He’s not some shallow lump of clay, simply here to amuse you.

Gumby has layers. He’s deep.  To express this, die-hard Gumby fans must have this new bendy set, The Many Moods of Gumby.  You will get six figures of Gumby in colors ranging from red to yellow to green to blue to orange and pink.

The Many Moods of Gumby shows just exactly how complicated this little clay person is.

Or it might just be, like, a gay thing.  You know, with, like, the rainbow and celebrating diversity and stuff.  Either way, it’s really cool to have a set of multi-colored Gumbys.  The fun part is kids (and adults) can use their imagination to explain them any way they wish.

You can find The Many Moods of Gumby for under twenty five bucks at Amazon.