2015_FTC_WGT_Book_FrontLavishly illustrated with charts, checklists and color photographs, Mego 8 Inch Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys! Special hardcover edition is an obsessive examination of legendary toy company Mego, and the extraordinary line of super-hero action figures that dominated the toy industry throughout the 1970s.  Benjamin Holcomb’s “Mego 8″ Super Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys” book is THE book on the subject, accept no substitutions.

Here’s what MEGOMuseum had to say, “Originally released back in 2007, Holcomb’s book is regarded as the definitive guide to all things Mego.  An amazing amount of research went into this,and it covers everything a collector could ask for!  From packaging to prototypes, interviews with Mego employees, and a look at every single Mego superhero, even the ones that never made it to the toy aisle!”

Featuring a chronological history of Mego, interviews with former employees and vendors, fascinating discoveries never released elsewhere, and thorough coverage of each figure and packaging variant issued in the United States, this is the definitive guide to Mego.

2015_FTC_WGT_Book_BonusThis updated special edition includes an appendix about Figures Toy Company and the retro products that they’ve released. In fact, Figures Toy Company is the only place to buy this special revised edition. It’ll set you back fifty bucks, and it’s worth every penny, but you can get special discounts on the book if you order some of their great ReMego figures. You can even get a free copy of the book if you order $499 worth of stuff, so go ahead, you know you want to get this great book for free. All you have to do is buy your PopCulteer a ton of cool stuff, and then you can keep the book!

Hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying.