Mountain Mysts: Myths and Fantasies of the Appalachians
9781882658466-341x512edited by P. Ray Lewis and Danny Kuhn
Headline Books
ISBN-13: 978-1882658466

The ancient Appalachian Mountains offer panoramic views on a clear day. Their rugged beauty highlights simple, heartwarming stories of hearth and home. But then, the Mysts roll in…

These sixteen stories cover the breadth of central Appalachian fantasy and mythology, from modern day fables to ancient creatures, laugh-out-loud teenage hijinks to 19th-century mysteries that refuse to remain unsolved. There are Ghent-le Giants and coal mining dwarves, confused cemetery flower deliveries and slick-haired evangelists, all adding to the lore of the region.

The authors include: Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, Annette Kraus, Jack Deskins, Danny Kuhn, Frank Larnerd, Joan O. Scharf, Lee Keene, Douglas O’Hara, P. Ray Lewis, T. Allen Winn, Jonetta Bennett, Kent L. Reed, Livingston Grooms,
Ryan Smith,TR Sullivan and Juanita Richmond. Of note to PopCult readers, two of the authors, Deskins and Lanerd, have appeared on Radio Free Charleston.

This is a great collection for fans of fantasy and science fiction, and it’s filled with great regional authors. You can order it from the publisher or from Amazon, or ask your local bookseller to get you a copy.