Since it’s Sunday, our picks today are all retailers, two online and one local with an online component.

We have one new music label, a cool T-shirt Etsy shop and a local T-shirt and apparel outfit that is deservedly much-beloved in the Mountain State and beyond.

We’ll spotlight more retailers for the next two Sundays, with the idea being that they have so much good stuff to offer as gift ideas, that it was hard to narrow them all down to just one.

Kin Ship Goods

These are our local folks who have settled into their bright and shiny new location (near the previous one), but you can also go online and shop at their webstore that’s filled with cool apparel, accessories, home goods and other neat stuff at Kin Ship Goods.

You can order and pay online through their secure webstore, and have your order shipped directly to you, or visit the store at its new locatin, 617 Tennessee Avenue, on Charleston’s West Side.

You’ve probably heard of Kin Ship Goods, a brand of apparel, accessories, and home goods designed by Dan Davis & Hillary Harrison. They are based in Charleston, returning to their roots after having started their business in Louisville.

Once you find that perfect gift, be it a mug, a shirt, a hoodie, a hat or someting else cool, Kin Ship Goods offers reasonable shipping options, or you can pick up your order at the store, or better yet, go into the store and check out their new digs and buy tons of stuff.

Dammit Tees

Next up we have an Etsy shop that specializes in ‘Unique horror, punk, goth, cult film t-shirts & apparel.” Dammit Tees has a really cool collection of shirts from which you can choose.

Now, the main reason we’re listing them here is because this is where you can get T-shirts based on Ann Magnuson’s “Ghost Cat” and “Club 57” projects, as well as Ann’s drawings of Sid & Nancy and several shirts and facemasks with other cool stuff on them.

Where else can you find shirts based on London After Midnight, Ed Wood films, Freaks and The Metaluna Mutant?

Plus there are shirts featuring musical acts like Iggy Pop, Sinead O’Conner and The Misfits, among others. This Etsy shop has one of the coolest line-ups of fun, weird cult stuff that I’ve come across.

There are even a few designs available as long-sleeve Tees or hoodies.

Check out their Etsy Shop and see for yourself.

House of Tabu/ Tabu Recordings

I’ve recommended a few cool Tiki items from House of Tabu in previous Gift Guides, like their excellent Exotica Moderne magazine, and some of their drinkware, but this year they branched out and started a record label.

Tabu Recordings has their first three releases available on vinyl now, and as I write this, they are offering 15% off of the regular prices if you use the code in the graphic at the right.

All three of the acts on the label, The Tentakills, The Madeira and Test Subject 17, have been featured on the Radio Free Charleston radio show in recent months, and I’m really enthusiastic about the surf/elecronica/avant-lounge aesthetic of the label. If fact, I’ve picked up their first three vinyl releases for myself already.

The House of Tabu website has a few offerings from other record labels as well, and if you like the sounds of surf for the new world, then this music is right up your alley.

Here’s a sample of their artist’s music…

If that sounds cool to you, go order now at the House of Tabu website, and check out the rest of the site for other cool stuff.