Another Day In The Life
by Ringo Starr,forewords by David Lynch and Henry Diltz
Genesis Publications
ISBN-13 : 978-1905662586
$40.00 (discounted at Amazon)

We wrap up Beatles Day with a coffee table book of photographs and images by Ringo Starr. Published late last year, this somehow escaped my attention while I was compiling the 2019 gift guide, so now I’m offering it up here. A bonus is that it’s come down a bit in price at Amazon.

“This is a way of putting my life out there, because if I were to write a memoir, there’d be five volumes before I got to The Beatles. So I’m going at it this way, through photographs and quotes. And this is, I feel, a better way for me to do it.” – Ringo Starr

“Ringo’s picture book, Ringo in book form. The essence of Ringo.” – David Lynch

Another Day In The Life is introduced and narrated by Ringo Starr, with forewords by legendary movie director David Lynch and rock photographer Henry Diltz. Ringo shows us the world as seen through a Starr’s eyes, in more than 500 observational photographs and rare images from the archives, and an original text of nearly 13,000 words.

From Los Angeles to Tokyo and everywhere in between, Ringo’s photographs celebrate his life in music and offer a glimpse behind the scenes. Many are taken during historic events, such as Ringo’s acceptance of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and his return to New York’s Plaza Hotel, 50 years after The Beatles first visited the USA.

Another Day In The Life, Ringo Starr’s 184-page monograph featuring Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and a host of All-Starr friends, is captioned throughout with an original commentary. Meditative, witty and always engaging, Ringo reflects on a legendary life in music.

This is a great gift for any fan of Ringo and The Beatles.