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Gift Guide: Rocko’s Modern Life: The Complete Series


91YaT0xoBLL._SL1500_Overlooked in the wake of the great animation revival of the 1990s, when thanks to Ren and Stimpy TV cartoons suddenly became really good for the first time in decades, Rocko’s Modern Life was a neat little gem of a series. The show had a unique look, thanks to its creator, Joe Murray, and featured top-notch voicework and some pretty subversive humor for a kids cartoon.

The show asked, “What’s a wallaby to do when he’s surrounded by annoying neighbors, freeloading pals, heaps of laundry and the weight of life in general? Why, turn to his loyal canine, Spunky, dim-witted best pal, Heffer and neurotic nay-sayer Filburt to help him confront the trials and tribulations of modern life.”

This eight-disc set includes all 52 episodes, though sadly some have been censored by Nickelodeon since their original airings. That makes this set suitable for children, but annoying for long-time fans.

Still, at twenty bucks for the whole series, it’s not a bad deal for fans of the show that features early directing work by Steve Hillenberg, the creator of SpongeBob Squarepants.

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