16ed737d88fa56721102cc73cbbbc8b1Spencer Elliott and I have been friends for over twenty-five years. I first met him at The Charleston Playhouse, where I met many of my life-long friends and companions. We’ve known each other a long time. Even if I didn’t know Spencer, I’d be recommending his album, “Some Forgotten Color.”

Not to be mistaken for the CD with the same title and cover that I reviewed last year, this is a re-recording, produced by legendary guitar maestro Antoine Dufour (with one track produced by Jack Griffith), and it includes one new composition.

This is exquisite fingerstyle guitar music, the type that a person can get lost in. Sublime, exciting, exhilirating, this collection of tunes came from years of practice and honing and stands as one of the most remarkable recordings by a local artist in recent years.

Spencer will be performing November 28 at Bluegrass Kitchen, and December 4 at UUC, and will have his CD for sale there, but you can also find it at select local book and record dealers, or order it online from Candyrat Records.