Our next PopCult Gift Guide pick is our first video installment. It’s for a game called Stinky Pig, and helping us out in the video above is Wayward BurlyQ, who, coincidentally, you can see this Friday at The Blue Parrot.

Stinky Pig is appropriate for anyone who enjoys porcine flatulance as an entertaining diversion. It’ll run you about twelve bucks, and we’ve seen it locally at Books A Million. This is a variation of Hot Potato, only with the added enhancement of replacing the potato with a pig, and the music with humming and a fart. Also included are a die and tokens to help you start gameplay and keep score, but honestly, when you’re tossing around a plastic farting pig, everyone’s a winner!

Wayward BurlyQ will put on their annual Holiday Show this Friday at The Blue Parrot in Charleston and in the coming weeks in Clarksburg and Huntington. Check out their Facebook page for more details.