Another entry in our 2019 PopCult Gift Guide that we originally told you about earlier this year is the Bunch O Balloons Party Pump.

This is the perfect gift for any family that needs lots of balloons quick for their kids, or for adults who like being surrounded by balloons all the time.

Zuru has revolutionized balloons with their Bunch O’ Balloons concept, that uses one-way valves so that you can fill balloons with air (or water, or helium) several at a time, with no blowing or tying or aggravation. Originally released as a great way to stock a massive arsenal of water balloons, they’re just now releasing the Bunch O’ Balloons Party Pump, which can inflate up to 40 of these special balloons at a time in just forty seconds.

The balloons are connected together in bunches of eight, with long inflation tubes that double as a string. You simply inflate them, and peel apart the stems and you’re in business. The Party Pump can also be used to inflate other items, like air mattresses and pool floaties, so it’s a pretty handy thing to have around.

I got my hands on one of these just in time for my nephew’s birthday, and that’s where the video you see below originated. I have to say I was really impressed by how cool this whole Bunch O’ Balloons system is. The balloons can be re-inflated, and each pack of balloons includes an adapter so that they can be filled with helium.

The balloons are ridiculously sturdy, and can withstand the full force of an eight-year-old diving into them.  The Party Pump itself is not a toy for the younger kids. It’s an electric device and should always be used with adult supervision, but parents of kids who love balloons will consider this a godsend. Event planners might also want to look into this for when they need decorations fast.

The Bunch O Balloons Party Pump comes with 16 balloons and is available now at Walmart –  It’s a great way to come up with a lot of balloons in a short amount of time without destroying your lungs. For more information about ZURU visit

Since writing the original PopCult post, I’ve seen these all over the place, sometimes for as low as fifteen bucks. It’s a great gift that will keep on giving. Watch the video to see how it works…