913gIRQ4eRL._SL1500_Everybody loves Marvel’s cinematic universe and with winter approaching, everybody wants a good fleece throw to protect them from the cold.

Well, maybe not.  But if you have a Marvel fan on your gift list, this fleece throw is a great idea.  It depicts all of The Avengers on a nice fleece throw that can also keep you warm. The art style is sort of a comic-bookized version of the Marvel cinematice Avengers.

The Avengers will defend your body from the cold.  Now before you think they should change their name to The Defenders, you have to remember that The Defenders is an entirely different team of Marvel superheroes.  Even though The Hulk was in both teams, you shouldn’t get the two mixed up because in a couple of years, The Defenders will have their own Netflix series and you don’t want to get them confused.  Actually, the Netflix version of The Defenders will be a completely different team than the comic book version of The Defenders, so in that case, you really, really don’t want to get them confused, because The Hulk isn’t going to be in the Netflix Defenders.  But, I digress…

The point is, for under ten bucks, you can get a fleece throw with The Avengers on it for the Marvel Comics fan in your life.  You can find this at Amazon.