O, Mountaineers! Noted (or Notorious) West Virginians
by Danny Kuhn
ISBN-13: 978-0989169691

Next up in The 2019 PopCult Gift Guide we have a just-released book from Danny Kuhn that is the perfect gift for any proud West Virginian, and might also be nice for anyone who needs to be reminded how cool our oft-maligned state can be.

O, Mountaineers! Noted (or Notorious) West Virginians is a fun read, a book filled with short, conversational essays about famous (and infamous) West Virginians. This includes notable figures from history up to celebrities from today, all of whom were born, lived, or died in The Mountain State. Kuhn’s writing style is lively and engaging, and the book presents a wealth of material on a bit of a niche subject in an extremely entertaining manner.

Let’s check the publisher’s blurb:

West Virginians, whether by birth, residence, or death, have reached the pinnacle of success in almost every field, including entertainment, business, science, the military, politics, and sports. They include a shoe salesman who “brought down” the father of the atomic bomb, two of Hollywood’s biggest stars who came to play ball, a legendary stripper, one of Washington’s spies, and a couple of the most famous criminals of the twentieth century. You will find historical figures such as “Stonewall” Jackson and John W. Davis, but also contemporary notables Jennifer Garner and Brad Paisley. There is even an apple…and a horse. Many are household names; others, though influential, you will meet here for the first time. Some stories are inspirational, some disturbing, but all fascinating. Join the party, Mountaineers!

This is just a terrific read and a real treat for anyone with any interest in West Virginia. Better yet, it look like this may just be the first volume of many. Kuhn writes in his introduction that many notable West Virginians didn’t make the cut for this volume due to his need to keep the page count at a reasonable length. We may have more O, Mountaineer! books coming our way in the next few years.

O, Mountaineers! Noted (or Notorious) West Virginians should be available to order from any bookseller, using the ISBN number above, or you can take the path of least resistance and get it from Amazon.