512obBAHY6LThe Deadly Scarab (Crime Cats Volume 3)
by Wolfgang Parker
ISBN-13: 978-0692562277

Last year we recommended the first two volumes of Wolfgang Parker’s young readers series, and now, just in time for the holidays, volume three has arrived. This volume is a bit of a departure for the series about a kid and his crime-solving cats. In this book, the connection that the Columbus neighborhood of Clintonville has to the discover of King Tut’s tomb is explored.

We pick up the description from the publisher, “Being a superhero is hard! It’s not as easy as Jonas Shurmann thought it would be. Instead of being the coolest guy in school, his teacher accuses him of lying about his adventures. And the new girl in his class makes up a superhero that everyone likes way more than the Chicken-Boy of Clintonville and the Crime Cats. But everything changes when Jonas finds a mysterious ring. That’s when he finally gets to experience what it’s like to wield real power. The only problem is that he risks losing his friends, his family…and his very soul! Get ready to explore ancient history and deadly mysteries in the most epic “Crime Cats” adventure yet!”

This is a terrific book for young readers and cat lovers of all ages. This volume is longer than the previous two, but kids will be able to handle it because of the engrossing story.

The Deadly Scarab (Crime Cats Volume 3) can be ordered from Amazon.