GIEDF-C010Long time readers of PopCult may know that your PopCulteer collects GI Joes.  I’m not talking about the little dinky ones from the 1980’s.  I’m talking about the twelve-inch tall action figures from the 1960’s and 70’s.  A particular focus of my collection is the GI Joe Adventure Team, you know, the ones with lifelike hair and Kung-Fu Grip.

Cotswold Collectibles has been producing reproduction accessories and brand new figures, clothing, and uniform sets for the Adventure Team under their Elite Brigade banner for some time.  Our pick to please almost any vintage GI Joe collector is Cotswold’s Elite Brigade Scottish Explorer.

This set includes a vintage style action figure with gripping hands and the Cotswold “Jake” head, with red flocked hair and a beard.  He’s also wearing a black turtleneck sweater, a brown shoulder holster with a Lebel pistol, a brown web belt, and a kilt, plus the green socks and short brown boots. He also comes equipped with a vintage Action Man scoped rifle, and an Adventure Team dogtag and insignia.

Not only is this a great spin on the original GI Joe Adventure Team, but it will also give whoever receives this as a gift the chance to storm around the house with their action figure shouting in a comically broad Scottish accent.

The Scottish Adventurer is available only from Cotswold Collectibles. He’ll set you back just under forty-five dollars, plus shipping, but this is a really cool action figure.