Our final entry in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide for today is a website recommendation where you can find the perfect gift for anyone who loves and wants to support music made right here in West Virginia.

The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization devoted to celebrating and preserving the legacy of the contributions of West Virginians to the world of music.

You can help them in their mission by buying stuff from their webstore, where all proceeds go to the WVMHOF. They have lots of music, apparel and other gifts that could brighten up the life of the music lover on your gift list, and you could also buy a membership for someone, so they can feel the joy of supporting local music themselves.

Allow me to quote their mission statement,

The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting and preserving the rich and lasting contributions West Virginians have made to all genres of music.

The Hall of Fame’s mission is to recognize the many important musicians who have helped shape the rich spectrum of American music from country, classical and jazz to rock, R&B, gospel and traditional.

The WVMHoF’s mission also includes establishing a permanent facility to house the Hall of Fame and an accompanying museum to exhibit and archive recordings and memorabilia.

The mission of the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame:

Recognition – inducting important West Virginians. The nominating process for the first round of inductees began in spring, 2007.

Education – offering themed displays, curriculum and speakers to schools around the state.

Preserving – collecting and preserving existing sound recordings.
Collection – collecting and displaying memorabilia.

Objectives include:

Educating people about state artists and reinforcing that a career in the arts is both viable and valuable.

Presenting lectures, workshops and performances.

Creating a catalog of LPs and tapes from West Virginia artists and archiving them in a format that will be easily accessible to the public.

Establishing a building fund for a permanent facility which will include a museum and performance hall, a sidewalk of “stars” around the facility and a shop that will feature CDs by state musicians.

The brainchild of Michael Lipton, the Hall of Fame sprung to life in 2005. They recently inducted a new set of West Virginia music stalwarts, and currently have a temporary location in The Charleston Town Center.

Visit their website for the full story of their mission and history, plus information on how you can join and make donations. You can also shop their webstore for music, apparel and other gifts.

It’s a great way to support the local scene, support the WV Music Hall of Fame and make the local music lover on your gift list very happy.