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Gift Guide: The Young Bucks AEW Action Figures (Sort of)

All Elite Wrestling is the hot new wrestling company that just started running on national TV a couple of months ago. They nearly sold out the Charleston Colisseum a few weeks ago, and I know that they have loads of fans around Charleston, and across the country. The perfect gift for the young-at-heart fan of AEW would be an action figure or two of their favorite AEW personalities.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any official AEW action figures…yet.  I have a feeling we’ll find out about an extensive line of them at Toy Fair next February, but for now there aren’t any with the official AEW brand.

However, in a cool twist on old-school LJN wrestling figures, The Young Bucks, who are a tag team in AEW and also executive vice presidents of the company, have a limited-edition two-figure set of themselves, done up in the old, non-articulated LJN Toys action figure style made famous by the WWF back in the 1980s.

LJN, which as a corporate entity ceased to exist a couple of decades ago, has seemingly been revived, and with this set, they’ve captured the look, feel and packaging of their iconic 1980s wrestling figures. They have no articulation, but they bring back loads of memories for long-time fans. Let’s check the PR:

Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson surprise the world once again as The Legendary LJN figure line from the 1980’s has been brought back to life in this incredible Young Bucks LJN 2-pack! The Bucks feature their iconic pose, flexing and confident while they both wear black vests with a red design. They are also sporting matching red and black polka dot ring pants and tasseled boots! The packaging is an exact replica of the original LJN 2-Pack packaging even featuring the same exact artwork!

These sturdy 8″ figures are solid rubber, and can stand up to any hard wrestling action that a wrestling fan can throw at ’em.

The LJN Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) is sold exclusively by Ringside Collectibles and will set you back $34.95, plus shipping, which isn’t bad for a cool collectible like this. Add fifteen bucks worth of accessories, and you can get free shipping.

If you want your figures to be more compatible with modern wrestling figures, check out Ring of Honor and Rising Stars figures, where you will find many names from the AEW roster, including the Young Bucks. These lines from Figures Toy Company also include a lot of wrestlers who have since gone onto fame in WWE, NXT, Impact and NWA.

This is where you’ll find figures compatible with current Mattel WWE figures, and among these wrestlers you will find folks who are currently in WWE with new names (both of The Viking Raiders are here, as are Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and Luke Gallows), as well as AEW stars The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega; Impact Wrestling stars Joey Ryan, Moose, Brian Cage and Taya Valkerie, and from NXT you’ll find the entire Undisputed Era, plus their announcer, Nigel McGuiness and Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno).

If you’ve got a wrestling fan on your shopping list, chances are they’ll love some of these lesser-known figures.


  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Very cool!

  2. Rick

    Is your hunch on seeing them based on any sort of knowledge or more wishlisting/hoping?

    • rudy panucci

      I’ve seen photos of some of the sculpts, but it’s premature to say who the manufacturer will be.

  3. Rick

    Are you referring to the scans making the rounds a few months ago that MJF shared, or something more? And premature as in, you know but can’t say? I’m sorry to pry, I’m just very excited. Thanks, Rudy.

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