Over the years in The PopCult Gift Guide I’ve recommended many great books written, compiled, edited or presented by comics historian, Craig Yoe.

This year we are just going to point you to the Yoe Books! Website, chock full o’ wonderful comic book and cartoon collections which may well be the perfect gift for the die-hard lover of comics on your holiday shopping list. The Yoe Books website does not sell the books directly, but instead provides links to online booksellers.

At the Yoe Books! website you’ll find an amazing array of cartoon and comic-oriented books that cover a wide variety of genre.

Recent releases include…

Voting is Your Super Power Graphic Novella
by Various, Craig Yoe (Editor), Al Avison (Artist), Tom Feelings (Artist)

In the 1950s there was the Cold War and Red Scare. These fears motivated civic organizations and major comic book companies to team up and create beautifully drawn comic books with clever stories to be passed out in the streets, in union halls, in factories, at state fairs, in schools, in churches—wherever people gathered.

There were titles like “The Man Who Stole Your Vote” (with an evil masked super villain), “If Your Children Could Vote” (with a brave, brash Greta Thurnberg-of-the-time berating the adults), and “Your Vote is Vital” (powerfully illustrated by Lee Elias).

The 1960s Civil Rights-era had the NAACP behind a historically important, engaging comic book “The Street Where You Live” to motivatee blacks to get to the polls (drawn by pioneering black artist Tom Feelings). There is historical evidence that this is an unknown Marvel comic.

These comic books warned citizens to be on the alert for political corruption and get out and vote to stop it! These lost and priceless comic books are beautifully restored and reprinted in full in this fascinating edition. Multiple-Eisner Award winner Craig Yoe provides a revealing introduction profusely illustrated with photos and rare cartoons.

Love and Other Weird Things
by Rich Sparks

The world can always use a laugh. But today, the world could really use these laughs in thiscollection of comic strips and panel cartoons.

Love and Other Weird Things is a cartoon collection by the soon-to-be-household-name-if-there’s-any-justice-in-this-world Rich Sparks. The cast of characters seem innocuous enough: foul-mouthed animals, Paul Bunyan, Smokey the Bear, stout men in tighty whities. But the situations give Monty Python a run for their money. And the juxtapositions–good heavens!

Sparks has been published in the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. Now he breaks out on his own with approximately 150 bizarre but sweet(ish) but, no seriously, really bizarre, but also really funny cartoons.

Marvel Masterwork Pin-ups
Edited by Craig Yoe, art by Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Jim Steranko and more

Jack Kirby, “Sturdy” Steve Ditko, Jim Steranko, Don Heck, John Byrne, Barry Windsor-Smith, John Severin, Wally Wood, Dan Decarlo, John Romita, and many more!.

As part of the tremendous fun of Silver Age comics, artists created pin-ups of the most popular Marvel heroes and villains! Now the greatest of those works of art are gathered for the first time in a beautiful large-format hardback book! Included are rare examples of original art of The Thing, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange.

An incredible artbook showcasing Spidey, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Nick Fury, Daredevil, Millie the Model (!), and the ever lovin’ blue-eyed Thing–and many marvelous more. Witty wordage, pulse-pounding patter, and zany zingers by Stan “The Man” Lee.

That’s a small sample of the incredible cartoon and comics volumes presented by Yoe Books. Head over to their website for a ton of great gift ideas.