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August 30, 2013

This week your PopCulteer turns to a bunch of short items, followed by a list of stuff to do. You just go enjoy the heck out of it, okay?

Quarrier Diner to return

Owner Anna Pollitt announced this week that the historic Quarrier Diner will reopen for lunch in mid-September, this time with a menu that harkens back to the Diner’s roots, featuring Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and BBQ (and let’s hope, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup). This is great news. For one thing, it’s another option for lunch in Downtown Charleston. In addition, it’s a sign that this great building will be spared the wrecking ball.

qdYou may remember back when the Quarrier Diner closed in March that I wrote a post-mortem that included suggestions on how to bring the Diner back to its former glory. This move is a great start. Let’s hope that it’s successful, and that the Quarrier Diner can expand its hours of operation.

Rob Haddy Movie Project

Rob Haddy, AKA “RJ” to fans of SyFy’s “Face Off,” is getting ready to make a huge mark in favor of West Virginia Filmmaking. He’s started an IndieGoGo campaign for “The Family Business,” a film he’s written that he wants to shoot right here in The Mountain State. Listen what he has to say…

Now go support this project…

Uncle Grandpa

He's everybody's Uncle and Grandpa!

He’s everybody’s Uncle and Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa is a new cartoon series that premieres Monday at 8 PM on Cartoon Network. How eager am I to see this? Well, I first mentioned Uncle Grandpa in this blog and ran the pilot cartoon EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO. You should go sit in front of your TV right now and wait for it to come on.


ShockaCon is less than a month away. Watch this video, and keep reading PopCult for more info as it gets closer.

Sabre Graphic Novel Kickstarter

While we’re plugging fundraising projects, check out this campaign to revive Don McGregor’s “Sabre.” Sabre starred in one of the first major graphic novels, and the plan is to bring him back, drawn this time by Trevor Von Eeden

Narin The Mermaid IndieGoGo


Fans of Monday Morning Art may remember Narin the Mermaid from summer, 2012. Well, she too has an IndieGoGo project to raise money for a book project that will be shot in West Virginia. This looks to be a lovely art book. Take a look…

RFC 189

You ought to watch the new show. It just went up Monday and is already considered a classic by people who dish out such labels needlessly.

Goodbye Futurama/Hello South Park

Swiped from Grimmjack's Deviant Art page

Swiped from Grimmjack’s Deviant Art page

Futurama, the cool Sci-fi cartoon by Matt Groening (with a really cool pizza place in some episodes) comes to an end next Wednesday. Comedy Central chose not to renew this show, which they revived after it was canceled by FOX. However, the sting of the end of Futurama is softened a bit by the news that South Park will return with new episodes the following Wednesday, for a ten-week run.

Stuff To Do


Free Music tonight kicks off with RFC guests, Comparsa, opening the final Live at the Levee concert of the season at 6 PM. Himes and Allen perform at Taylor Books starting at 7:30 PM, while Mark Bates takes the stage at Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way at 9 PM.

Music with a price (not specified if they didn’t provide it) includes Elysium and Among The Fallen ft local support from Beyond The Wayside sarting at 9 PM at The Blue Parrot, A tribute to Iron Maiden’s Live After Death at 10 PM at The Boulevard Tavern, Blues artists Holy Cow make their first appearance at Sam’s Uptown Café along with electric folk trio The BrotherSisters at 10 PM at Sam’s Uptown Cafe and Relative Obscurity returns to the Empty Glass with good friends Twist of Fate also at 10 PM.


The Kenneth Brian Band (featuring Charleston native, Travis Stephens) will be at The Empty Glass starting at 10 PM (for a mere eight bucks) and they say, “At our Charleston WV show at The Empty Glass on August 31, you’re in for a fun treat: For our first set, we will be playing the whole album, “Welcome To Alabama”, in its entirety. That means you will get to hear live versions of “The Fall”, “Cry To The Dark”, and maybe some others you don’t hear us do too much. Then, for our second set, we will be playing all the stuff from the upcoming KBB album that we are working on right now!!! Also, gonna play some of your favorite KBB staples as well.”

Free music Saturday includes The Return, a dance band playing at Timothy’s downstairs from the Quarrier Diner at 10 PM, and The Charleston Metro Band playing a patriotic concert to welcome the LST 325 to Haddad Riverfront Park at 5 PM.

Music with a cover charge includes Johnny C and The Scurvy Dogs at The Monkey Barrel on Leon Sullivan Way at 10 PM and Dinosaur Burps with Time and Distance and Donnie Smith at The Blue Parrot at 10 PM ($5 cover).


Free music happens at Tricky Fish at 6 PM with Spurgie and Friends, and there’s an open mic hosted by George Brackens at the Upstairs Lounge at Little India at 8:30PM, right across the street.

That’s The PopCulteer this week. Keep reading PopCult for either enlightenment or amusement, whichever comes first. Your milage may vary