week-schedule-10-16It’s another great week loaded with new programming on The AIR, and this week we also get in the Halloween Spirit as we trickle out our treats for you, starting Monday night. You can see a schedule with highlights accompanying this post while you tune in at the website, or listen right here on this embedded radio doohickey…

Monday we offer up brand-new episodes of our afternoon specialty music shows, and then bring you radio drama in the evening. At 2 PM Lee Harrah pulls you into Harrah’s Hard & Heavy with an Ozzy Osbourne concert from 1981, featuring the late Randy Rhodes on guitar. 3 PM sees Herman Linte present Prognosis with two hours of music by Curved Air.

Monday at 7 PM we kick off five hours of Halloween-centric radio drama that includes radio episodes of The Twilight Zone and Mystery Theater, as well as a dramatization of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange. This is just the opening volley of our Halloween programming that will kick of in earnest next week.

Tuesday we’re coming at you with new episodes of Radio Free Charleston (at 10 AM and 10 PM) and The Swing Shift (3 PM). We’re sure that both of these shows will be fantastic, but we can’t offer up details because we start producing them right after we post this schedule.

Wednesday an all-new episode of Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle airs at 1:30 PM and 7 PM and will feature Michele talking about a recent radio interview. At 2 PM Beatles Blast will look at The Beatles and The Blues. On a new Curtain Call at 3 PM Mel Larch will present the best of Broadway, once again. The Comedy Vault at 11 PM presents another classic episode of The National Lampoon Radio Hour.

Thursday at 2 PM we replay this week’s new Radio Free Charleston, then we’ll launch right into an all-new Radio Free Charleston International at 3 PM, which this week is devoted to hidden gems from years past.

Friday at 2 PM it’s time for an all-new Radio Coolsville, hosted by DJ Betty Rock, courtesy of WMUL Radio in Huntington. At 3 PM we are going to re-present last year’s Halloween episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, with the spookiest Halloween music from the New Wave era. Next week Sydney will return with a new Halloween special.

Friday evening at 9 PM Jay and Jared take The Third Shift into Halloween overdrive with a new episode at 9:30 PM (preceded by a replay of last week’s show).

Saturday you get a chance to hear all of this week’s music specialty shows starting at 7 AM. Then at 7 PM we have three all-new episodes of The (BS) Crazy Show. Midnight sees Radio Free Charleston take over all night long.

Sunday we will feature more Halloween programming in The Talk Block at 11 PM, followed by replays of Marking Out, The Comedy Vault, Big Electric Cat, Radio Free Charleston and RFC International. At Midnight you get to Swing All Night with a marathon of The Swing Shift, which is very popular in Europe, by the way.

Every weekday at 6 PM you get treated to a half-hour of new music (both local and non-local) on The New Music Show, and at 6:30 PM you can catch up with The (BS) Crazy Show.

That is your guide to programming on The AIR for this week. Enjoy!