Many of the programs on The AIR this week will still be in rerun mode while we gear up for a ton of surprises on our plucky little internet radio station starting July 1.  Today at 10 AM and 7 PM, The Booster Pack tells you all about Harry Potter.  At 1 PM, On The Road With Mel is our encore of a show filled with intimate and personal details about choosing the proper luggage for your trip.

Profile AIR 001You can listen in at The AIR’s website or on this neato keen little embedded radio player

Our bonus to our listeners for filling today’s programming schedule with repeats is that, following The Booster Pack at 11 AM, we will replay the episode of That Conversation where Patrick Felton talks with The Booster Pack’s own Chase Henderson. That’s followed by a special episode of Acoustic Air featuring Aaron Fisher and Ghost Fleet. Following On The Road with Mel, you will be treated to another mini-marathon of That Conversation.

Beginning July 1, a revolution will happen on The AIR as a bevy, a bushel, and a veritable onslaught of brand new programs begin running to bring you an alternative to the staid and boring radio to which you are accustomed. Keep listening. You know you can’t live without The AIR!