sue 5 001Suicide 5” is about five people willing to die for what they perceive to be immortality.

These five draft Mason, a young sculptor with crippling social anxiety disorder, as a reluctant judge. His mission is to record and rate every participants’ performance. Mason watches as his friends die one by one, each more horribly than the last. Accusations of unoriginality, infidelity, and plagiarism make the already surreal competition even more horrifying.

sue 5 002That is the premise of a new graphic novel project by Jason Pell, a contributor to Danny Boyd’s “Chillers” and the creator of the excellent “Summer’s End” graphic novel. On “Suicide 5” Pell will be working with artist, Ryan Howe. The sample pages look incredible.

Pell is turning to Kickstarter to fund “Suicide 5.” The idea is to produce this as a high-quality, full-color hardcover, like “Season’s End.” Speaking of “Season’s End,” the book will also include an eight-page sequel of sorts to the Season’s End saga, and if you pony up enough cash, you can get your hands on some of the original art for this story.

For more details, check out this link to the Kickstarter page for “Suicide 5.”