The PopCulteer
May 17, 2019

Today we’re going to tell you how you can help finish a terrific-looking local indendent film. This is a really special project, and I think it could really help show off the filmmaking talent in this area with a first-rate production.

My Autopsy is a film project that writer/director Holly Mollohan has been working to bring to life for ten years. It’s a fresh take on the issue of domestic abuse with an enlightened point of view.

I spoke with Serenity Allinder Velasco Valle, the producer of My Autopsy, as well as an actress in the film. She tells the story of the film, “Holly Mollohan began this journey ten years ago! The screenplay won several awards along the way. I signed on in June of last year as pre-production was starting and went head over heels into my first stint on that side of the camera. I’ve acted, but never been part of the crew until now.”

My Autopsy follows 24-year-old Rachel (Gareth Tidball) as she tries to move on with her life after a violent relationship. However, the more she tries to move on, it becomes more evident of how much deeper the emotional scars are than the physical ones from the relationship with Vince (Dave Stishan), the film’s main antagonist. Vince starts reminding her that she isn’t her own person: she is his property. In effect, she never fully became free. Eventually, the threat of Vince becomes real in a final showdown that pits Rachel and Vince against each other for ownership of her inner power, and her true self.

Set in the environment of the gritty local music scene, My Autopsy examines Rachel’s fall into the abyss and her ultimate realization of self in a hard hitting, “no holds barred” fashion. It’s sex, drugs, rock and roll, and stream of consciousness poetry with a dreamlike emotional twist. In this tale it is discovered that within even the most broken woman hides a strong person who will eventually break out of the emotional cell in which she is imprisoned. She will find that she has the inner strength to not only tackle life on her own, but to effectively exorcise the demons from her past.

My Autopsy was filmed entirely in West Virginia. Holly Mollohan directed from her own script, with Assistant Director Eric Lorenz for Screaming Butterlfy Entertainment. Now You can help finish this project and bring Holly’s vision to the big screen.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to cover the costs of the finishing the film: shooting pick-ups, post-production expenses and festival submission fees.

There’s just under four weeks left in the campaign, and you can see the Kickstarter trailer right here…

Rewards range from social media shout-outs to Tarot readings, autographed movie posters, digital downloads of the finished film and a varity of cool merchandise branded with the film’s logo.

Best of all, you’ll be encouraging the film industry in West Virginia, and maybe help us retain more of our young creative people.

Holly has been a fixture on the local music scene for some time, directing videos for bands like Byzantine and Voices of Anatole. In fact, I first met Holly back in 2007 when she contributed a Voices of Anatole music video to an episode of Radio Free Charleston that is currently in the cue to be remastered.

The Screenplay for My Autopsy has won the Silver Ace Award at the 2011 Las Vegas International Film Festival, was an Official Finalist at the 2011 Beverly Hills International Film Festival, won the Award of Excellence at the 2012 Canada International Film Festival, and took Second Place at the 2011 Appalachian Film Festival. Now with the production inches away from the finish line, you can help give it that one final push.

We go back to Serenity for the last word on My Autopsy, “We have the absolute BEST cast and crew! We have fun while getting things done. I haven’t had this much fun since I got to walk around making small talk with Tim Burton on the set of Planet of the Apes!”

Go kick in some funds, and keep checking PopCult for more updates on My Autopsy. When it’s finished I’ll let you know where and when you can see the finished film.

That is the PopCulteer for today. Check back for our regular features and one last NYC photo essay.