Word comes from Rich Ireland’s “Beers To You” Gazzblog that Charleston’s O’Kays, located near the Clay Center, is in dire straits due to a number of circumstances beyond their control.  O’Kay’s is one of Charleston’s unique bar experiences, and it’d be a shame to lose it.  If we can rally the troops so that they have a good weekend, we might get to see them stick around and serve as Charleston’s special pub for years to come. 

Rich tells us that Buckstone will be there tonight, so Mel and I will be heading there for pizza after checking out Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen at Taylor Books earlier in the evening. Radio Free Charleston fans should come out in full force (both of you) so that we can carry through with our plans to record Anthony Hoey for RFC at O’Kay’s next month. Steve Himes will perform at O’Kay’s Saturday night.

Okay’s Pub is Located at 222 Leon Sullivan Way in downtown Charleston.