This weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, The Bakery (located at 1007 Bigley Avenue, Charleston) is calling for volunteers to gather for construction parties. If you’d like to pitch in to get The Bakery back in shape to reopen and run as a much-needed all-ages venue, this is the time to step up and pitch in. If you have any construction skills, or  can even pitch in with carrying stuff or landscaping, now is the time to show up and volunteer your services.

Starting at 8 AM each day, The Bakery needs volunteers to help with framing, sheetrock installation, electrical work, basic laboring, paint scraping, Landscaping and many other tasks. They can use all the help they can get, and even if you don’t have construction experience, any hands will be appreciated. Since being shut down by the City Fire Inspector last month, the crew at The Bakery have been working diligently to raise the funds to buy the materials needed to bring the building up to code so that they can reopen to the public.

A Bakery Board Member will be on site all day, so if you want to stop by and drop off Cash or Material Donations and check out the Progress of this Project, this is the time to do it. Even if you just want to see what all the fuss is about, the building will be open for inspection so you can get an idea of how cool this venue will be when completed. You can also donate via Facebook.

Right now, they really need volunteers who can help do the work needed to get this space into compliance with the city. As a Very Generous Donation Frank Gonzales III and Mi Cocina de Amor will be providing lunch for the Volunteers. The Bakery and Charleston Music and Arts Collective have released a statment thanking Frank for this and for showing his support for the project.

Charleston desperately needs a reliable all-ages venue. It will be a boon to the local music scene, help keep kids off the streets and revitalize a part of town that could really use some attention. This is a very worthy cause, and if you have some time to spare, it will be well worth the effort