Last year I raved about The Scrap Iron Pickers debut CD, a double-EP filled with explosive progressive metal.  The Pickers are hard at work on their second release, and they’ve turned to to help finance it. This is a great new grass-roots way for creative people to find funding for their projects.  Previously, here in PopCult, I’ve written about successful Kickstarter efforts by Wolfgang Parker, for his graphic novel “1888” and Eamon Hardiman with Zombie Babies.

Now you get a chance to play record mogul.  If you kick in ten bucks, you get your choice of a CD or T Shirt.  Fifteen dollars gets you both. There are varying incentives at the higher donation levels, including a date with drummer, Matt Wolfe, a custom-made effects pedal from guitarist Johnny Sizemore (of Dirty Pedals fame) and if you kick in four hundred bucks, you even get a private show.

So why not check out the music and see if you want to support the band?  Up at the top of this post is a video I put together for one of their tunes.  The Kickstarter Widget is right below.