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January 9, 2015

It’s another week for a PopCulteer jam-packed with news, so let’s dig in…

Art Opportunity with Plutonium Burrito

I’m afraid I dropped the ball a bit on this one and left it out of the blog last week. There is still time for artists to contact The Empty Glass to submit art works for an art/music show next Wednesday. The band, Plutonium Burrito will bring their Avant Garde “Free Playing” music to The Empty Glass with a cover-free show at 10 PM on January 14. Your art could be part of this. Email booking@emptyglass.com for details on how you can participate.

Plutonium Burrito is an underground supergroup comprised of Charles Pagano and Scott Bazar. Between the two of them, they have collaborated with Gary and Jill Wofsey,Beck, Kevin Ayers, Larry Willis, Enrico Rava, James Emery (String Trio of NY),
Steve Gilmore (of the Phil Woods Quartet), Tatsuya Nakatani, Cedric Lawson and Bobby Keys.

It’s going to be a wild night of art and music, and the RFC crew will be on hand to capture some of it.


Water Crisis Anniversary

Today marks a year since the Freedom Industries MCHM spill that soured the local drinking water supply. People eminently more qualified than I are covering the repurcussions of the spill in The Charleston Gazette today and all weekend, and I highly recommend that you click over to the front page (the link is up there at the top of the page, labeled “Home”) and find out what has and hasn’t been done, and why.

Mike Winland’s Art Show

Mike Winland Studios is hosting another cool art show in February. Here’s the details…


Benefit for Koen


Koen is an adorable 2 year old boy. In November he sustained a head trauma that required brain surgery that left him on life support over a week. Despite all odds he came off life support and is recovering far beyond anyone’s expectations.

However there is still a long road ahead of doctors appointments and therapy appointments.

His Mother is a single mom and has had to miss a lot of work. So to help them out Harrah, Watt 4, King Lindsay, Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby and Mike Pushkin are coming together for one night at The Empty Glass for a fundraiser. The cover will go to Koen. $7 minimum donation at the door. The music kicks off at 9 PM.

Welcome Mistich

The other paper has just added a new weekly column about the local music scene, and they’ve picked a great guy to write it. Left of the Dial will run weekly in The Daily Mail, and will be written by Dave Mistich, one of the owners of Twin Cousins Records. I’m sure that we’ll overlap a bit in our coverage, but Dave is very well-versed in the Huntington music scene, and I am not. Plus I don’t do interviews on RFC, prefering to let the music speak for itself. Any additional coverage of the local scene is welcome, especially when they have the decency not to use the word “Pop” for the title of what they do.

Charlie Hebdo

2015-01-07t202411z_244992728_gm1eb180c6r01_rtrmadp_3_france-shooting_0It’s been a bad week for free speech. In Paris, terrorists killed 12 people in a bid to silence their voices and opinions. In other places, economic terrorism is used to keep reporters quiet and suppress the truth. Threats and intimidation are the tools of cowards and liars. I don’t really have much to add to the shock and horror here. I was a fan of many of the cartoonists who were gunned down, and I felt I should acknowledge the sheer awfulness of what had happened.

RJ Haddy Airbrush Tutorial

For the first time in Charleston RJ Haddy is offering his very popular AIRBRUSH class with lots of additional perks! 2 full days of Airbrushing! Take your pick which one Beginners basics or Focus on FX !!! Or do BOTH for a HUGE discount! 

RJ’s Airbrush weekend in Charleston, WV at the Rad FX Co Creature Compound (1007 Bigley Ave) will be an amazing weekend of two full days of airbrush instruction, You can choose to take one day or both for a HUGE discount! Not only that but you will be getting an amazing deal on the very best American made airbrushing equipment, Paasche airbrush. Not only does your cost of admission include RJ’s Signature airbrush “The Shadow” but you will also receive RJ’s favorite Paasche compressor the DA-300r, an airbrush cleaning kit, and a table mount airbrush hanger that can hold up to 4 of your favorite Paasche Airbrushes, plus two bottles of practice paint!

Other additional materials include an 18×24 practice pad, if you decide to take the Beginners Basics class, and if you take the Focus on F/X class you will receive one of RJ’s original Foam Latex Faces to paint In class. The class information will feature by day : Saturday November 22 Beginners Basics class – 12:00 noon- 5 pm Introduction to your equipment Types of paint Painting exercises to build your skills Complete breakdown and cleaning of your supplies and storage Sunday November 23 Focus on FX 12:00 noon – 5 pm Introduction to your new equipment Types of paint How foam latex is traditionally painted How to use an airbrush with these traditional ideas incorporating new advances in paint mediums. prepainting vs. painting after application Complete breakdown and cleaning of your supplies and storage.

Check the Facebook Event page for more details.


Stuff To Do

Recent RFC guest, Anthony Hoey is playing a free show tonight at Taylor Books, and you can read Bill Lynch’s interview with Anthony HERE.

Another free show Friday sees recent RFC guest Dina Hornbaker along with Aaron Fisher of the band, The Safe Side, performing at Fireside Bar, above Little India, starting at 8 PM.

More Friday Music

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Music Saturday




That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. Check our humble little blog every day for fresh content and all of our regular features.