The PopCulteer
November 25, 2009

Under A Bill

It’s special mid-week PopCulteer, as we feature a preview of the “Under A Bill” art show, opening during Art Walk this Friday at The Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery.

Curated by Joe Bolyard, who has some of his own amazing work on display, this multi-artist show has the unique hook that every piece is priced to sell for less than a hundred dollars. Other artists involved include Mark Wolfe, Amy Williams, Devon Woodrum, Rebecca Burch, Glen Brogan, Vasillia Scouras, Chris Rhodes, Andrea Anderson, Dave Frazier, Keith Allen, Laura Chapman, and your loyal PopCulteer. I snuck in while the show was being hung, and snapped some pictures. So, with minimal captions, here’s a look at what you can find at the Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery on Hale Street, starting this Friday. We’ll have more photos from this show in a bonus PopCulteer this weekend.

Chris Rhodes.

Vasillia Scouras

Amy Williams

Andrea Anderson.

Dave Frazie.

Glen Brogan.

Rebecca Burch.

Devon Woodrum.

Joe Bolyard.

That’s Mark Wolfe’s INRI work at the top of the page. More photos from the show are coming this weekend.

Here, Piggy!

Thanksgiving night, the Empty Glass hosts a fundraiser to help local filmmaker Eamon Hardiman complete his magnum opus, “Porkchop.” .Eamon sent out the following message: THIS THURSDAY – THANKSGIVING FOR PORKCHOP FUNDRAISER AT THE EMPTY GLASS! $5 cover! Fabulous Brothers Steele! The Buttonflies! Sierra Ferrell w/ James Brown! The Elvis Presley Murder Files! AND A SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW OF SEVERAL SCENES FROM THE FILM! Also there may be some food.”

Click the poster below to see the trailer.

That’s it for this holiday mid-week edition of The PopCulteer. Check back this weekend for more photos, an essay and some Mother Nang!