Above you see our virtual Christmas card from PopCult’s internet radio station, The AIR. It’s a digital painting by yours truly depicting the giant Christmas tree at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.  You will be hearing more about last week’s stealth trip to The Windy City in the coming days.

However, you will also be hearing holiday music on The AIR, pretty much for the next eight days, solid, with interruptions for our overnight marathons and a few special presents that we will tell you about as they arrive.

If you want to get in the Christmas spirit, just tune in as Christmas is in The AIR. You’ll hear special blocks of Christmas songs as well as holiday-oriented episodes of some of our specialty music programs, like Radio Free Charleston, Curtain Call, The BS Crazy Show, Prognosis, The Swing Shift, Sydney’s Big Electric Cat and more.

You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on this embedded radio player…