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I Vant To Drink Your Wine

I don’t know anything about wine.  You should read the Wine Boy blog if you’re interested in that. However, I do know about pop culture, celebrity and the absurd.  That’s why I think you guys might be interested in a new product of the vine, Bela Lugosi Wine.

From the PR: “Bela Lugosi created his unique characterization of Count Dracula on the Broadway stage in 1927 and brought it to the screen in 1931. One of the first members of the Screen Actors Guild, he was a true American film pioneer. Although Count Dracula never “drank” wine, Bela Lugosi, the man, had impeccable taste in wines. With the creation of the Bela Lugosi brand wines, the Lugosi family pays tribute to their patriarch, a man of distinction, while acknowledging the icon that will forever be – Dracula.”

I’m guessing that it’s a red wine.

This is the first release under the Lugosi label, and it’s limited to 1,200 hand-numbered bottles.

So, if wine is your cup of tea, and you have an affinity for the works of Bela Lugosi (we had a musical tribute to the man on last year’s RFC Halloween show), then why don’t you order a bottle, pop in a DVD of “Plan 9 From Outer Space” and drink a toast…to Karloff!

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  1. Steve Beckner

    Karloff! How dare you mention that limey cocksucker!

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