rfc-logo-24-005Are your nerves shot worrying about the outcome of the election? How about a cool distraction to keep your blood-pressure low and your sanity preserved? Let Radio Free Charleston rescue you from the mental anguish.

Tune in to The AIR at the website or on this nifty little embedded player for a marathon of local, Charleston, West Virginia music, for a full day, starting Tuesday at 9 AM.

For one solid day you can immerse yourself in the product of a vital music scene filled with creativity, talent and enthusiasm. During this full day of Radio Free Charleston you will hear a diverse roster of musical artistes including Chuck Biel, Ona, HARRAH, The Hybrid Soul Project, The Company Stores, Qiet, Speedsuit, The Mark Beckner Group, The Carpenter Ants, Diablo Blues Band, Ann Magnuson, Go Van Gogh, Three Bodies, Spencer Elliott, Whistlepunk, Mother Nang, Superfetch, Foz Rotten, Joe Vallina, John Radcliff, Feast of Stephen, The Mad Scientist Club, The Renfields, The Big Bad, The Tom McGees, Super Heavy Duty, The Science Fair Explosion, Kerry Hughes, Todd Burge, Crazy Jane, Farnsworth, Jeff Ellis and the Forty Days, and dozens of others.

Avoid the anxiety over whether this country will go to the dogs or be saved. Support the local scene and…after you vote…rock out to Radio Free Charleston ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT, By the time we’re done, you’ll know the fate of the country.