Jose throws in with the smugglers!  This could ruin his political future, like if he skipped out on his National Guard commitment or something.   Wait a minute.  Never mind.  Anyway, Jose is now an outlaw.

Frasquita, Mercedes and Carmen consult the cards to see what the future holds.


Hey, Mercedes gets some pretty good news!

Maybe all those bad vibes I was getting was just me being pessimistic.

Let’s see what the rest of the cards say…..

Hmm.  Frasquita seems pretty happy.

The girls are in line for money and true love.  Maybe this opera will have a happy ending after all.  Maybe it’ll be all rainbows and cake and everyone will hold hands and sing.

Oh.  Bummer.

Sorry, Carmen.

Well, two out of three…..

…at least the cards didn’t say anything about getting parking tickets.

More to come.