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Jeff Ellis, The Emergency, Simply Sadi and More on RFC 97

We March through and spring into April with episode 97 of Radio Free Charleston. This edition of our show features music from Jeff Ellis, The Emergency and Simply Sadi, plus short films from MURFMEEF and Scott Elkins, as well as a lovely surprise at the end. Why don’t you watch it, now.

This is our big Spring holiday show, and it was truly a labor of love.

We kick off the show with a short educational film in the Kitty Killton series. Director Scott Elkins illuminates a shamefully-forgotten element of pop culture. As always, Kitty is brought to life by RFC’s official barista, Chelsea Cook.


Our first musical guest is Simply Sadi. Here’s how they introduce themselves on their MySpace page: “Born out of endless bloody foreheads after beating our heads on the brick wall of the wv music scene, Simply Sadi came together as three musicians seeking to get out and perform music. Based on the music of Blake’s well polished acoustic guitar open mike act, Jason Irvin’s operatic voice, and Randy Jeffers driving bass lines, Sadi has managed to create a set of songs that are powerful and unique to music”

The band is currently on hiatus following the passing of bassist Randy Jeffers a year ago, plus singer Jason Irvin being busy with Nursing school, but guitarist Blake will bring his acoustic guitar tribute to RUSH to Taylor Books on May 29 and we hope to give you a preview on RFC 101.

From Simply Sadi’s 2009 CD, “Full Circle,” we bring you “Her Dreams.”

Another band currently on hiatus is The Emergency. We discovered this Morgantown-based power-pop powerhouse when their lead singer, Aaron Crothers, turned up last year in the CYAC production of “The Blob,” from which you can see highlights in RFC 83.

Even though the band is not currently active, we here at Radio Free Charleston are hard at work coming up with videos based on songs from their excellent albums.  In this episode of the show you will see “Hey Whoopee Cat,” a special music video directed by William Kellogg, starring a trio of exciting young performers. It’s taken from the CD “Doo Lang Doo Lang,” from The Emergency.

Our contribution from MURFMEEF this time is also a commercial from our new sponsor. Please take the time to patronize our sponsor, as we seem to have scared all the previous ones off.

Our headliner this time is Jeff Ellis. Jeff is one of the most acclaimed musicians in the state right now (while he’s on leave from his duties in Iraq) and you’ll get to see him again on RFC 100 in just a few weeks. He’ll be undertaking a full-fledged tour to support his CD once he’s fulfilled his military obligations in August.

We get to hear Jeff and his band performing his song “Still Ain’t Over You Yet” from his new CD, “The Forgetting Place.” You can read my enthusiastic review of his CD here.

We have a special surprise for our end credits this time. It’s a spontaneous collaboration between two frequent RFC performers, and we’re keeping it under wraps, so you’ll have to watch the whole show to see who it is. It was just recorded Monday night. We might tell you more about it in this week’s PopCulteer, if you’re good.

That’s it for this episode of Radio Free Charleston. Check back around April 13 for our next show, with music from David Synn and The Diablo Blues Band.

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  1. Adam Harris

    Great show Rudy! I love that table too.

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