Img_01592014 marks fifty years of GI Joe, and as I have mentioned here in Popcult, Hasbro isn’t doing much for the original 12″ Action Figure.  At JoeLanta, we had a discussion of how to approach the fiftieth anniversary of our beloved toy when the company that produced him doesn’t seem to care.

On the panel, along with your PopCulteer, are Swapapalooza King, E.J. White, and from The Trenches Forum, Scott and Charlotte Beckmann. Moderating is Buddy Finethy. There’s a lot of discussion about the hobby of collecting 1/6 scale figures in this long video. Join us as we talk about customizing, 3 D Printing, new manufacturers and legendary kitbashers.  This panel was recorded at JoeLanta in Atlanta, GA, on March 15, 2014.