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Johnny West, The Best Of The West

My fondness for Marx Toys’ Johnny West action figure line has been well-documented here before. We’re going to re-visit a PopCult post from last summer where we revealed that, for the first time in years, you can now buy a new Johnny West action figure.  Noah and Terri Coop’s New Marx Toy Company has just made “U.S. Marshall Johnny West” available to order.

You can order Marshall Johnny directly from the Magic Marxie website. The cost is $44.99, which gets you a high-quality action figure, molded in the familiar Johnny West caramel brown color (with a reconfigured plastic that will last much longer than the original figures) plus 18 accessories, instructions, a bonus Magic Marxie figure, and a surprise mail-in offer.  This all comes in a sturdy, 1974-style “Best Of The West” box.

In adddition to that, you can also get your mitts on a brand-new Johnny West coloring book.  Written by Terri Coop and drawn by Mykol Blackwell, this is a fun little blast from the past that presents Johnny and all his friends in cool Western advenures.

If that’s not enough, you can check here for more cool deluxe Marx action figures. The new Marx Toys has several really cool boxed figure sets, including new takes on old favorites like Jed Gibson and Bill Buck.

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  1. Ray

    My question is: Will there be a new Stoney?
    Man, was I disappointed when I got a Stony for Christmas one year instead of a GI Joe. I still have the Joes, but I sure wish I had Stoney now.

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