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Kicking The Tires

pctest 01The PopCult interface is getting a makeover. Other than a new URL, this should mean nothing to you guys. It’ll give me some added flexibility and I’ve got a new dashboard to learn, but the transition should be seamless.

To try out the graphics features, I’m going to pop in a couple of graphics for your amusement. To the right you see a digitally-assaulted photograph of a construction crane. Below you see a “Stark Charleston” shot of the Lee Street Triangle.

Be sure to bookmark the new URL and update your RSS feeds. You don’t want to miss Friday’s PopCulteer, or next week’s new episode of Radio Free Charleston, featuring music from David Synn and The Diablo Blues Band, plus an appearance by the new Adventure Team GI Joes.

pc test 02

RFC 97 “Ding Dong School”

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="430" height="346" fvars="m=103976746;type=video" wmode="transparent" /]
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  1. Elvis Capone

    Hey! PAWP KULT is two words now!

    Congratulations on the promotion.

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