A few weeks ago I wrote a glowing review of ACP Comics’ Forbidden Gallery #3.  I told you at the time that a Kickstarter campaign was planned to pay for the printing of the book. Unfortunately, that campaign began the day that I left for my trip to Chicago, and I’ve just now found the time to tell you about it. And there’s only one week left.

So, if you like great horror comics, say, the kind that combine classic EC Comics with Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, then you’d best head on over to this Kickstarter campaign and plunk down some money.They still have quite a ways to go to meet their goal, and this is a really worthwhile project.

As I said in my review, this third issue continues the wonderful combination of veteran talents with bright newcomers and creates a perfect comics experience for the Halloween season with five scary short stories , all hosted by Archimedes, the curator of the Forbidden Gallery. Forbidden Gallery #3 is a worthy successor to the excellent previous two issues (you can read my reviews of those HERE and HERE, and order them HERE).

Check out the video below for more enticements.