Local writer/artist extraordinaire, Jason Pell, has a new project in the pipeline, and you can get in on the early action via Kickstarter now.

Pinpricks. A book of tiny and terrible oddities is not really a novel, per se. It’s one-hundred and one illustrated short stories of misfits, monsters, and the terminally awkward.

There are a variety of reward levels, but the coolest part is that, at the low price of $15, you get a hardcover copy of Pinpricks, plus a few extra goodies. Lots of Kickstarter graphic novel projects make you pay more than twice that, just to get a paperback collection.

You can read more about Pinpricks at the Kickstarter page, or watch this video…

The book is scheduled to be delivered in September, and at the higher levels you can collect other perks, like hardcover editions of Jason’s previous works, or even your name, used in one of the stories.

Jason is a top-level creator and this looks to be a terrific project. Follow the links in the widget to kick in. Just one day in, and the project is almost halfway home.