Longtime readers of PopCult are probably familiar with Robert Jiménez by now.  I’ve been talking about his Fearsome Weirdos trading cards and books for years now. Now Robert has a new project up on Kickstarter, and it’s already fully-funded almost four times over after just a day and there’s still just under three weeks go go.

Polynesian Pulp: The Tiki Art Of Robert Jiménez is a book and a trading card set, and instead of showcasing his monster or wacky parody art, the book and card set collect some of his awesome Tiki Art from the past decade.

You probably know the drill by now…this is where I quote liberally from the Kickstarter campaign page:

Polynesian Pulp is a collection of the Tiki Art of Robert Jiménez. It will be printed as a 50 card set as well as a signed 90 page 8.5 x 11 inch perfect bound hardcover book and will showcase traditional and digital art from the past decade. Included are Tikis, an assortment of Sophisticated Apes, Mermaids, Sea Creatures and more!

The 50 card set will come in a tuck box, along with a promo card and a sticker.

Also, there will be sketch cards by Robert Jiménez available to add on to your set, along with a VERY limited selection of sketch cards by Claudette Barjoud, BigToe, El Gato Gomez, Ken Ruzic and Sheryl Schroeder!

Other add-ons available will include original art, coloring books and past Zerostreet card sets.

This set is really exciting for me because I’m a huge fan of Robert’s Tiki art. I even wore one of his shirts on the latest video edition of Radio Free Charleston. I am also on record as being a fan of Tiki culture, even if I’m just a Tiki Poser at the end of the day.

The Polynesian Pulp Art book is a hardbound book measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. It collects the entire card set along with an extra 40 images and comes signed. Completists, like yours truly, will opt for the combination book and card set. I love non-sport trading cards (hell, I’ve been writing about them professionally for more than 25 years), but seeing Robert’s art printed in a larger size is a special treat for my aging eyes. There are several different rewards with this Kickstarter campaign, and among the many add-ons are sketch cards, original art and all of Robert’s previous trading card sets at discounted prices.

The project is way beyond funded and Robert fulfills his campaigns quicker than anybody else on Kickstarter, so you can be confident that you’ll get the reward you choose. And ths art is just absolutely gorgeous.

Robert’s work has appeared on album covers for Gold Dust Lounge and Stolen Idols and in magazines such as Exotica Moderne, Tiki Magazine, PKD Otaku, Gnarly and Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics. His work is also featured in the books, THE THING:ARTBOOK, VISIONS FROM THE UPSIDE DOWN: STRANGER THINGS ARTBOOK, GHOSTBUSTERS: ARTBOOK and has shown in galleries including Disneyland’s Wonderground, Harold Golen, M Modern, Creature Features, and Bear & Bird among others.

You can also see Robert’s work in trading card sets for licenses such as Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, Star Wars, DC Comics, Firefly, Ghostbusters, Adventure Time and more. Most notably Robert has recently illustrated cards for the Star Wars Trading Card App.

Check out the trailer for Polynesian Pulp, and kick in today…