We have another cool comic book Kickstarter campaign to tell you about, and the cool things about it are that it’s by a local creator and it’s already fully-funded, with two weeks left, so you can be sure you’ll get it.

The Red Ram: Toxic Suicide is the brainchild of Charlestonian Paul Rashid, MD, a board-certified Psychiatrist, and an old buddy of your humble blogger going back over thrity years, to the days of Comic World. He’s created this comic book both to indulge his life-long love of comics, but also as a bit of an outreach to help make people more aware of mental health issues and erase some of the stigma of mental illness.

The Red Ram: Toxic Suicide #1 is a 22-page comic book that follows Technology Titan RJ Ronaldson who, in his alter ego as The Red Ram, is at the end of his battle-damaged vigilante career. But before RJ can set down his mantle, he gets roped into one last war with his arch-nemesis.

Along the way, he is sidelined by a suicidal female and her psychiatrist. This leads the Red Ram down a winding tale involving alcoholism, opioid addiction, depression, anxiety, narcissism and even suicide.

Will order be restored or will these darker forces overtake and prevail in today’s rapidly advancing world?

In his quest to combine elements of dark action and a psychological thriller with the “relevant” comics by Rashid’s creative hero, Neal Adams, he came up with The Red Ram, a comic book adventure steeped in real-life issues and for mature readers.

As Rashid says on the campaign page, “If you’re a Batman fan, then you’re gonna love The Red Ram!”

Joining Rashid in telling this tale is artist, J.C. Grande, a veteran of Image Comics, IDW and other publishers, who brings a visceral, gritty style to the adventure. He is aided and abetted by colorist, Santosh Rath. Rounding out the creative team is award-winning editor, David Gallaher and Noelia Dixon, who assisted with character designs.

Check out this video for more background on the project…

You can kick in on Red Ram: Toxic Suicide #1 at THIS LINK.  Rewards include the basic comic book in print or .pdf form, along with print variant covers and retail bundles.