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Larry Hama talks about “Silent Interlude” at JoeLanta

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Larry Hama

Larry Hama

Above you see legendary comic book creator, Larry Hama, recorded just last week in Atlanta, treating us to a panel-by-panel breakdown of the classic GI Joe comic book story, “Silent Interlude.” People are still talking about this wordless comic book story more than thirty years after it was originally published. You can read my review of a hardcover edition of the story HERE.

Hama explains the layout of the Cobra castle

Hama explains the layout of the Cobra castle

You’ll get to see Hama explaining his storytelling decisions along with the reasons that they decided to do a wordless story in the first place.

It’s a great insight into the pressures of producing a monthly comic book. He also takes questions about his work on the comic book and his job consulting on the first GI Joe movie.

Hama broke into the business over four decades ago following stints as an assistant to artists like Wally Wood and Neal Adams. He’s since become one of the most-respected writer/artist/editors in the industry and on top of that he’s acted on Broadway, on television and in movies, and plays a mean guitar. He is also one of the most gracious comic book artists I’ve ever encountered, and I’m thrilled that he’s given me the okay to post this.

His panel on “Silent Interlude” was part of JoeLanta/The Great Atlanta Toy Show, which you can expect to be reading about here in PopCult for several more days.

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  1. Esteban

    Thanks a ton for uploading this. He didn’t do this panel when he was at a convention in my city so it was great to finally see this.

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