The PopCult Bookshelf

Your PopCulteer is neck-deep in computer repair and production of the upcoming audio and video episodes of Radio Free Charleston today, and we barely had time to compose a PopCult post for today. However, we are in the home stretch for Danny Boyd’s fundraising campaign for SALT, his follow-up to CARBON, the eco-thriller/sci-fi graphic novel that we told you about last year. We didn’t want to let that pass without a last-minute reminder.

Danny Boyd is an old friend, and he has started an IndieGoGo campaign to finish work on SALT, his sequel to last year’s graphic novel, CARBON. This book will, like CARBON, combine elements of science fiction, fantasy, political commentary and adventure to create a cautionary tale about the cavalier attitudes that Mountain State politicians have toward the environment. There are less than three days left to contribute to this campaign.

There are some great rewards with this campaign. If you want a pre-publication copy of the graphic novel, it’s only twenty-five bucks. Higher levels include other rewards like copies of CARBON, Danny’s films that he made for Troma, a “thank you” in print, Boyd’s Documentary on DVD about salt production in the Kanawha Valley, tickets to a Landau Eugene Murphy show, a chance to be a character in the book and if you kick in two grand, Danny will come to you, personally to speak, do a book signing, and screen his movies,  In case you forgot, you still have time to help make this happen.

And you can thank me for refraining from making all the “salt” puns that I thought of while writing this. Except for the headline, that is.