life-pealks-logoAs always, we have a brand-new episode of Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle Wednesday at 1:30 PM and 7 Pm on The AIR. Check it out at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

This week Michele presents a follow-up to last week’s episode on worthiness and love, and veers into a discussion of education, which is on a lot of people’s minds this week. She doesn’t focus on the political angle of the strike here in West Virginia, but does talk about education in general and the need for people to be perpetual learners.

In that spirit, Michele will be making two appearances in Ohio this weekend.  On Friday, March 2, she will be at the Tranquility Salt Cave in Columbus for a session of “Heal Your Heart Meditation. ”  Michele will share her inspirational story of transformation from an abusive marriage to getting in tune with the Divine source of love. Afterwards, attendees join in the Healing Heart Meditation led by Michele in the cave and let the salt soothe your soul. Each paid admission also gets a free signed copy of Michele’s novel (soon to be a motion picture) Rain No Evil.

The fee for this experience will be $40, and you can  Call the salt cave to register (614) 859-3419. You’ll find more details on the Facebook event page.

Saturday, March 3, finds Michele in Zanesville, Ohio, at Gemini’s Eclectic Emporium from 10 AM to 5 PM as she sits in as the guest Tarot reader and also signs copies of her book. You can call Gemini’s at 740-995-9617 to make an appointment, or visit the Facebook event page for more details.

Of course, you can also stay tuned to The AIR for the best of our music programming, as well as stimulating and entertaining talk and comedy.