All day today on The AIR (listen at the website, or on the player in the right column), you can hear some of the best of this year’s episodes of Radio Free Charleston.

In other local music news, we have been graced with an incredible, brand-new music video from Lady D…

Lady D has new music available at Reverbnation, and she’s taken her art into a new, more political, direction that is striking and important.

Here’s a snippet of what she says in the YouTube notes on this song, “I missed the Civil Rights Movement because I was too young to really know what was going on, but I’m not missing this human rights movement happening right now. Now, being made painfully aware that the skin I’m in is still perceived as a threat by many, I understand that I don’t have to make myself over to please anyone but me. I’ve given myself permission to be angry and permission to not care if you don’t like it! The soundtrack of my black life’s third act will be music that says exactly what I feel…and what I feel is that “shit’s crazy!” My people walkin’ around with targets on their backs, being killed over toy guns, playing music too loud or just lookin’ suspicious. No love songs this time around! The last four years has made me tired of pretense. I just want to tell the truth and add to the chorus of voices being raised against wanna be dictators and undercover racists. They’re coming out of the closet and now they can be seen in the cold light of day. You can do dirt but just remember, Karma is a bitch…and she works for God! Oh yeah…and my BLACK LIFE MATTERS!”

You can hear “Karma Is A Bitch” and more new music by Lady D at her Reverbnation page.  I will keep you all posted about when Lady D’s new album will be available for purchase.

Meanwhile, The Company Stores are using GoFundMe to finance the recording of their next album. The band explains…

Our plans for 2020 were to hit the road hard, raise funds, and save to record our third full length album. However, almost all of our lives shows have been cancelled due to the pandemic. We normally play 100+ shows in a year. This year we’ve played 5. We are scheduled to record in New Orleans, with producer Robert Mercurio, this winter. Robert’s portfolio is impressive to say the least. He has worked with The Revivalists, Trombone Shorty, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, and of course his own band, Galactic. Together we have been spending countless quarantine hours writing and the rehearsal room, growing as songwriters and musicians, and are getting excited to present what we think will be our greatest record to date.

However, since gigs are our main source of revenue, our goal of recording anytime soon is fading fast. At this point our only chance is to reach out to the fans, who have already done so much for us, and ask them to do a little more.

Check out more details in this video…

Again, you can check out this fundraiser right here.